CLINICOM BIO SOLUTION is an endeavour of a team of dynamic and energetic individuals who hold a total man experience of over a decade in core bio pharmaceutical industry. Well versed with the knowhow of clinical research and the hurdles in the conduct of a study, the team specializes in optimizing the clinical trials and providing complete site solutions. The associated Sponsors and CROs, upon teaming up with us, are ensured of a hassle free and smooth study due to our end to end hold on the project. Our sole objective is to achieve the desired outcome of clinical trials through expeditious enrolment of appropriate patient population from an extensive network of doctors and shared database, keeping in view the strict timelines of the Project. The network of geographically distributed sites caters in tapping a variety of patient pools. In addition, we are committed to keeping our projects ethically sound, bond by the regulatory guidelines, yet efficient and optimized.


CLINICOM BIO SOLUTION is committed in providing its services in all spheres to the Sponsors and CROs it teams up with. We customize our services and orient them in a way to achieve the desired outcome, with in the stipulated time, in the most efficient way. We keep a goal in the mind to make every team or individual who becomes a part of the project also becomes part of a developmental process so as to achieve a common goal. The Standard Operating Procedures followed in our network maintains a streamlined process and unmatched transparency in every clinical trial that we conduct.


CLINICOM BIO SOLUTION’s “Organizational Structure" offers Our Sponsors and CROs an immediate access to several pre-qualified investigators in all therapeutic segments. Our operations mark us out as a unique organization in terms of the spectrum of services, delivery of high performance, highest ethical standards, quality data, and access to geographically distributed patient pool and optimal study speed. These attributes of character and strength flow from the organizational controls that begin with equipping of our Clinical Research Coordinators who are qualified in ICH-GCP and further trained and certified by our Investigators, and continues through an array of thorough feasibility analyses of the client studies, before commitments are made. This ensures that the needs of the people we serve are never compromised. We ensure research subjects are fully apprised of all the risks & benefits arising in and out of the study.
We help our sponsors and CROs to streamline their activities and extend their geographic coverage in order to capitalize on their products as swiftly and effectively as possible in the marketplace. We achieve this through our Network of experienced physicians and coordinators which is continuously expanding.